“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

— Albert einstein

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Transforming Stress

Into Good Stress

This program will help you challenge the common belief that stress is inherently harmful to our health, and uncover new, more adaptive ways of thinking about and responding to stress. You'll learn how to get better at coping with stress, and how to embrace the stress in our lives.

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The Super Sleep Challenge

In this course, you’ll discover why sleep is so important to our bodies and how getting anything less than “super sleep” is leaving you with less than optimal health. You’ll learn why most people of the modern world struggle to get good sleep … what they’re doing wrong … and how to start getting “super sleep”... as soon as tonight!

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When The Going Gets Tough

Facing tough times and challenging situations is pretty much like facing a physical challenge: if you’ve trained for it, it’ll feel easier and you can handle more. That’s why it’s worth taking time to “exercise” your mental toughness -- even if you’re already a strong and resilient person. If you train yourself to handle tough times gracefully, you’ll be able to handle even the biggest challenges with calm and confidence.

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Riding The Wheel of Life

“Riding the Wheel of Life” teaches a step-by-step process for focusing on what matters and crafting a rich, rewarding, and purposeful life.

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Brand Resonance

In this course, you’ll discover a step-by-step process for positioning you and your business in such a way that it makes the competition irrelevant. You’ll work to create a BRAND that resonates with your audience at the deepest levels, making sales effortless and creating raving fans in the process.

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Creating Relationships That Last

Creating Relationships that Last: Lessons from Social Psychology, Spiritual Traditions, and Our Wisest Elders. Inside this course, you’ll get the entire step-by-step process to create and maintain incredible relationships. You’ll find out exactly what goes into making a relationship great … how to navigate relationships in different contexts and areas of life … how to create an environment that encourages open communication … and much more.

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Minimum Viable Business

Inside this new course, you’ll get the entire step-by-step process to bring a new business to market in the shortest time, with as little uncertainty as possible. You’ll find out exactly what goes into building a successful business… how to come up with an idea your market will love… how to leverage what you already have available to mitigate risk… and much more.

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Ramp Up Revenue

The course contains everything you need to know to truly stand out from the crowd and get your people to take notice. Stagnant or nonexistent sales is typically the result of a weak offer. No amount of manipulation or secret persuasion “tactics” will move the needle on your revenue. You’ve got to address the root cause, not the symptom. Which means you need to know how to craft an irresistible offer that speaks directly to your audience’s desires. Do this, and sales become effortless, ethical, honest, and effective.

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Make Your Money Work For You

In this course, you will learn how to change your mindsets, attitudes, and habits so you can take control over your financial life, once and for all. You’ll also learn a step-by-step system that will help you A) earn more income B) save more of it and C) invest it so that it grows into serious long-term wealth.

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Your Happiness Blueprint: Step-by-Step Guide to a Happier Life

Discover the secret to lasting happiness with our science-based online coaching program. Transform your life with proven strategies to boost joy, gratitude, and well-being. Overcome negativity, build self-esteem, and learn the true art of happiness. Each engaging lesson offers practical exercises to seamlessly integrate positivity into your daily routine. Gain lifetime access, expert coaching, and a supportive community. Join Your Happiness Blueprint: Step-by-Step Guide to a Happier Life today for $10 [LIMITED TIME ONLY].

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